This event takes place in the Baltimore, MD area in June 2022. Please do not wait to register.
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Team Dance Choreography

Team Dance Choreography



Dance teams may have up to 20 members for either of the below divisions.

Only one $80 fee is required for an entire dance crew or team. We encourage dancers to pool resources and have all members contribute to the $80 participation fee. Only one member of the team is required to submit the participation fee.

Each team must prepare two 3-minute pieces of choreography for the competition. This music must be placed on a thumb/flash drive and must also be in mp3 format on a mobile phone just in case it needs to be emailed to the competition dj.

Junior Division: Ages 6 to 12

Details: If more than one crew signs up for the Junior Division they will compete for the designated awards. It will take some time to know if the Junior Division is going to be popular.

All Ages Division: Crew can be made up of individuals of any ages.